Developed by SECOVAC and launched in 2004, with over 50 installations, AccuStop™ is the trusted in-kiln moisture reader in Eastern Canada (NB, NS, ON, QC).

The AccuStop™ system has been designed to measure the MC of lumber during the entire drying process, from beginning of the schedule to the end when the temperature of the air is equal or greater than 180°F. Moisture readings are displayed numerically and graphically by the SECOVAC AccuView software and may be integrated with virtually any computerized kiln controller.

For optimal results, we recommend using the AccuStop™ system with SECOVAC Dry Kiln Control System which utilizes the MC readings to automatically advance the drying schedule segments and shut off the kiln, resulting in shorter drying schedules, tighter MC distributions and higher grade outturn.

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    Key Features
  • Measures full range MC (above and below FSP) within 1% endpoint accuracy for highly repeatable and consistent results
  • Completely eliminates need for manual hot checks by shutting off the kiln based on actual MC within 1% of target humidity, reducing degrade losses due to overdrying
  • Only Canadian system that shows the apparent resistance of the lumber between the 2 plates to help determine the real FSP of the lumber, enabling more efficient drying schedules
  • Integrates with practically any computerized kiln controller

Shows the AccuStop™ system within the kiln for one sample. Each sample reads the humidity of large number of boards, typically between 200 and 350 depending on the width of the boards. Depending on the kiln length, 4 to 8 such samples are taken for each load.

Fully integrates with SECOVAC Dry Kiln Control System and works in conjunction with the TDAL to ensure superior lumber drying results and enabling the kiln operator to run moisture driven drying schedules. The Wood Moisture Content (brown line) on the top graph shows the AccuStop™ readings across the entire drying schedule.

SECOVAC Dry Kiln Control System

Developed and programmed by SECOVAC, the control system was launched in 1996 and is used to control hundreds of kilns in Eastern Canada.

SECOVAC Dry Kiln Control system is a multizone control system that uses the Temperature Drop Across the Load (TDAL) principle to provide useful information during the entire drying process and to shut the kiln off when the lumber has reached its target MC. The fully automated control program in a multi-tasking WINDOWS operating environment has been designed to easily adapt to existing control systems using either a PLC or OPTO22 panel to interface with the kiln components.

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Electronic sensors enable automation

Electronic sensors are used to send data to the computer for continuous automatic evaluation and appropriate reaction to the situation.

The DB and WB may be controlled either at the entering, exiting or on the average. The accuracy of temperature sensors (RTD or T/C) are verified against a reference temperature and automatically calibrated by the software enabling more accurate and constant temperatures within the kiln for more efficient drying schedules.

Use of the AccuStop™ system is synergistic

When used in conjunction with the AccuStop™ system, the control system will utilize the MC readings to automatically advance the drying schedule segments and shut off the kiln, further improving drying times, efficiency, and dry lumber quality.

Intuitive and easy to use

The system was developed with the end-user in mind, is visually appealing, and easy to operate without a high level of technical computer training required.

Our in-house software development capacities mean that we can customize the program for each customer’s specific needs.

This displays the kiln's Cross Section view with vent and valve openings. RTD or T/C values are shown in red for dry bulb temperatures, in blue for wet bulb temperatures and TDALs are green. When you click on a dry or a wet bulb temperature, a contextual menu appears to indicate the OPTO22 or PLC name and address allowing you to put the RTD in or out of service.

The Status screen gives you a general view of the entire kiln. SECOVAC's experts have designed this screen to show all the information in "Real WINDOWS" format. The kiln operator can easily verify the bar graphs against the set point (SP) and know, at a glance, the current conditions in the kiln.

The Graph screen shows the temperatures, vent and valve openings and pressures display in three parts so it is easier to read and interpret. Retrieving previous graphs is accomplished by pressing the specified button on this screen.